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IT'S ONE THING TO DESCRIBE EXPERTNEGOTIATOR as the leading online negotiation planning and management software designed to help you negotiate more efficiently and effectively.

It's another to show you how it will empower you to negotiate the best deals.

In this demo, ExpertNegotiator's founder and CEO Marty Latz guides you through:

1) The danger of instinctive, off-the-cuff negotiating;

2) The importance of negotiating with a proven strategic process based on the experts' research on what works; and

3) ExpertNegotiator's powerful features that can help you negotiate with greater confidence and get better results.

Latz shows you how ExpertNegotiator's:

Strategic Planning Tool helps you plan strategically in as little as 10 minutes, using pre-built expert planning templates or templates you can customize to fit your needs;

Five Golden Rules Method ensures you execute your plan to maximize your effectiveness, including how to gain critical information, strengthen your leverage, support objective "fair" moves, decide on the best offer or concession, and control the agenda;

Counterpart Intelligence Bank provides you with a strategically organized way to capture and retain critical information about your counterparts' reputations and styles, including who bluffs and who can be trusted;

ExpertAdvice Center gives you 24/7 access to professional, expert negotiation guidance so you avoid common mistakes and constantly improve your skills; and

Negotiation Best Practices Management System empowers you to manage and improve your and your teams' success rates and benefit from built-in reporting with automatic notification.

At the end of the day, Latz suggests you improve your bottom line and become an Expert Negotiator. How?

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