Strategic Approach

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WITH AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN EVERY NEGOTIATION, you never know what one simple, yet crucial move will make the difference between coming up empty-handed or walking away a winner.

Negotiation expert Marty Latz has trained over 60,000 lawyers and businesspeople since graduating from Harvard Law School.   Employing advanced research on negotiation best practices, he developed a strategic approach called the Five Golden Rules of Negotiation.  This flexible framework has been proven effective in a range of negotiations from straightforward individual purchases to complex multi-party, multi-issue situations.

Latz Rules of Negotiation

Negotiating for success boils down to three simple steps:

1. Shift your thinking from instinctive to strategic

2. Establish best practices individually and across all levels of your organization

3. Implement and manage those best practices to maximize your effectiveness

ExpertNegotiator helps you incorporate these steps into your daily negotiations so you can use best practices to get better deals.  Our online tools give you the edge on your competition and improve your chances of getting what you want from the negotiation!

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