I had a very positive experience in using ExpertNegotiator with my MBA Advanced Negotiation class this spring.  The students planned more systematically and were able to identify negotiating goals more clearly.

Dr. Roy J. Lewicki
Irving Abramowitz Memorial Professor, The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business


My Five Golden Rules of Negotiation have helped over 50,000 business professionals and lawyers more effectively get what they want. ExpertNegotiator will help you achieve that same success.

Martin E. Latz, Esq.
Founder, Latz Negotiation Institute


ExpertNegotiator is saving us thousands by helping us develop successful negotiation strategies... Its easy-to-use system for effectively planning and managing our negotiations immediately improved our bottom line.

Bill Kizorek
Founder of Two Parrot Productions


ExpertNegotiator helps us and our clients strategically plan for settlement negotiations, mediations and deals with a roadmap of proven research-based strategies and tactics. It’s also a powerful business development tool, illustrating to our clients and potential clients the incredible value of a step-by-step strategic approach to their negotiations.

Michael J. Rothman
Partner, Winthrop & Weinstine PA


ExpertNegotiator helped me get the salary and job responsibilities I wanted and deserved. It was a great investment that will benefit me for years!

Charmagne Padua
Trial Attorney, Chartis Insurance Company


ExpertNegotiator reinforces the importance of strategically planning for key negotiations and provides a simple and effective framework within which to do so.

Maureen Weston
Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law


I highly recommend ExpertNegotiator's academic edition to negotiation instructors everywhere.

ExpertNegotiator's academic edition is making a huge difference in my negotiations course. From the instructor's point of view, the software saves me time administering the course. All role-play simulation information is uploaded into ExpertNegotiator once, and then can be reused subsequent semesters with no modification. The preparation template are customizable, allowing simpler templates at the beginning of the semester that can become more complex later in the semester as the students learn more concepts. The software also randomly assigns students to roles, and tracks the results of their negotiations.

Students are learning more tactics more quickly because the preparation software reinforces their weekly lessons. By mid-semester, I've noticed an improvement in student performance on negotiation exercises. Not only do students learn more, but also they like using ExpertNegotiator. They have expressed that the extra preparation builds their confidence going into the negotiations.

Finally, I have found the staff of ExpertNegotiator to be extremely helpful. Their staff respond to all instructor and student questions within 24 hours, and usually within a couple hours. And they always answer the questions correctly or solve the problem the first time. This is some of the best customer service I've ever received.

Dr. Tom Tripp
Professor of Management & Operations, Washington State University, Vancouver


I used the ExpertNegotiator program as an organizational tool for students enrolled in an online, graduate-level negotiations course. I had taught the course previously without knowing that EN even existed and had found the students unprepared and disorganized with their thoughts at the time they entered the negotiations. Because of this, I actively sought out a resource that would enable students to organize their thoughts and strategize on a given negotiation both prior to initiating contact with their 'opponent' as well as during the negotiation itself.  The difference in the results between the semester before discovering EN and the semester in which the students utilized this program was astounding. Not only did the students learn more about the process and outcomes of many different forms of negotiations, they were able to synthesize their results more effectively. To say that ExpertNegotiator contributed to the huge success of the class is an understatement and I look forward to continuing to use this extremely valuable resource in future negotiations courses.

Linda M. Peters, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts Amherst


ExpertNegotiator did exactly what I hoped it would do.  When grading the first simulation exercise, it was apparent that the students put a lot of thought into their preparation. The bargaining results showed that the preparation paid off. The online negotiations involved more exchanges between the bargaining pairs and contained a greater amount of information exchanged when compared to prior uses of the wage negotiations exercise. Fewer bargaining pairs failed to reach agreement. More bargaining paris reached reasonable settlements rather that the one-sided agreements that have been observed in the past. I also received very favorable feedback from several students about how user friendly the software was to use.

Robert Allen
Professor, University of Wyoming


As a late adapter of new technologies, I was hesitant to use ExpertNegotiator in my Negotiation class. After this past semester however, I am a convert. Having students use the planning program reinforced one of the course’s themes – the value of preparation. More importantly, they felt that using the program was worth their time because they could see the benefits of preparation. Additionally, I found the program easy to use and the technical support system to be highly responsive. I will certainly be using the program in my class from here on out.

Art Hinshaw
Professor, Arizona State University College of Law


As a new instructor, I needed an easy to use solution for guiding my students through the negotiation process. ExpertNegotiator (EN) provided a highly adaptable secure infrastructure that perfectly tracked my course curriculum. EN made it simple to assign and deliver cases and to evaluate student write ups. Working off a single negotiation plan and analysis of results template, it was easy to add additional prompts and question areas as the student’s knowledge increased. The sales and support team at EN are former negotiation instructors and provided me with expert advice on case selection and curriculum design. I highly recommend the EN product and team to any new negotiations instructor or old hand.

Mitch Abrams
Professor, Oregon State University


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