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EXPERTNEGOTIATOR IS BASED UPON THE ADVICE AND EXPERTISE OF the world's foremost academic experts and practitioners in negotiation and related fields.  And it has developed an Academic Board of Experts to advise it on current developments in these fields and to help ensure that its strategies and tactics are based on solid and proven research.  The Board includes... 

Marty Latz, the Founder and Chairman of ExpertNegotiator and the Latz Negotiation Institute, is a nationally acclaimed expert on negotiation strategy and tactics.  An adjunct professor for negotiation at Arizona State University’s College of Law from 1995 to 2005, Latz has taught over 70,000 business professionals and lawyers how to more effectively negotiate.  His
credentials include: The White HouseGain The Edge!

  • Negotiated for The White House nationally and internationally on The White House Advance Teams, 1993–1995
  • Author, Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want (St. Martin's Press 2004)
  • Appeared as a negotiation expert on CBS' The Early Show and such national business shows as Your Money and First Business
  • Adjunct Professor of Law for Negotiation, Arizona State University College of Law, 1995-2005
  • Negotiation consultant and trainer for major corporations and law firms nationwide
  • Negotiation columnist, The Arizona Republic
  • Studied under Roger Fisher, co-author of Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
  • Harvard Law School graduate, cum laude





Robert Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini
Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his entire career researching the science of influence earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance and negotiation.  His books including, Influence: Science and Practice, are the results of years of study into the reasons why people comply with requests in business settings.

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Charles B. Craver

Prof. Charles B. Craver
Professor Charles Craver over the past 30 years has taught negotiation to over 75,000 lawyers in the United States and around the world. Professor Craver is the author of the critically acclaimed books, Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement (6th ed. 2009) and Skills and Values:  Legal Negotiating (2009), used in negotiation courses in over 50 law schools.

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Clark Freshman

Prof. Clark Freshman
Professor Clark Freshman has been invited to speak on negotiation at Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, UCLA Law and many other law schools. An acknowledged expert on lie detection and negotiation, his research has appeared in law reviews at Harvard, Stanford, Cornell and elsewhere.

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Roy Lewicki

Dr. Roy J. Lewicki
Dr. Roy Lewicki has been studying and teaching negotiation-related subjects for 40 years and is the author or editor of over 30 books relating to negotiation, trust development and conflict management processes. He is the co-author of the leading business school and college textbooks on negotiation Essentials of Negotiation (3rd ed. 2004) and Negotiation (6th ed. 2009).

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Andrea K. Schneider

Prof. Andrea K. Schneider
Professor Andrea Schneider is the co-editor of the critically acclaimed negotiation book The Negotiator’s Fieldbook (2006) and a co-author of Dispute Resolution: Beyond the Adversarial Model (2004), Beyond Machiavelli: Tools for Coping with Conflict (1994), and Coping with International Conflict (1996).

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Cary Silverstein

Prof. Cary Silverstein
Cary Silverstein is the President and CEO of SMA, LLC & The Negotiating Edge.  He heads a group of consultants who provide facilitation in the areas of strategic planning, consultative selling, market research, negotiations, and conflict resolution.  As a senior professor at DeVry University / Keller Graduate School of Management for over 20 years, Cary facilitated classes in a entrepreneurial planning, legal & ethical issues, negotiation skills, and strategic planning.

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