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WHETHER YOU HAVE TAUGHT NEGOTIATION FOR 30 YEARS OR ARE PREPARING FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS, ExpertNegotiator’s groundbreaking online course management software helps you take your class to the next level.

Reduce your administrative workload significantly!

Negotiation courses are especially burdensome to teach because of the extra effort required to:

  • Set up simulation exercises    
  • Create negotiator match-ups
  • Distribute role information
  • Compile student results 
  • Provide feedback to students

All of this administrative work robs you of valuable time to focus on helping your students learn this complex process. 

ExpertNegotiator automates and integrates all of it online to eliminate the waste and inefficiency of doing it manually.

Help students focus on their negotiation preparation skills.

As teachers, we want our students to change their behavior from off-the-cuff negotiation reactions to strategic negotiation preparation.   

To help you accomplish this, ExpertNegotiator allows you to customize the software to fit your pedagogy.  The students will use it to prepare for their simulated negotiations and record their results based on your strategic negotiation framework.  This allows you to evaluate their performance based on the:

  • Concepts you taught
  • Negotiation plans they developed
  • Results from their negotiation
  • Lessons learned they submit

ExpertNegotiator gives you access to all of this student information in an easy to use Web site that provides you with unparalleled insight into their preparation, results and observations about each negotiation exercise. 

Get Proven Results

Professors at numerous law schools, business schools and colleges have used ExpertNegotiator to teach thousands of students to negotiate more strategically.

Dr. Karen Walch from the Thunderbird School of Global Management did an independent study showing that students using ExpertNegotiator:

  • achieved up to 17.5% better results in their negotiations than those that did not, and
  • increased their mutual gains by over 10%.

Professor Roy Lewicki from The Ohio State University said: 

  • I had a very positive experience in using ExpertNegotiator with my MBA Advanced Negotiation class this spring.  The students planned more systematically and were able to identify negotiating goals more clearly.

Professor Tom Tripp from Washington State University said: 

  • “ExpertNegotiator's academic edition is making a huge difference in my negotiations course.  Students are learning more tactics more quickly because the preparation software reinforces their weekly lessons...From the instructor's point of view, the software is easy to use to administrate the course...Finally, I have found the staff of ExpertNegotiator to be extremely helpful.  This is some of the best customer service I've ever received.  I highly recommend ExpertNegotiator's academic edition to negotiation instructors everywhere.”

Professor Linda Peters from the Unversity of Massachusetts Amherst said: 

  • “I used the ExpertNegotiator program as an organizational tool for students enrolled in an online, graduate-level negotiations course. I had taught the course previously without knowing that EN even existed and had found the students unprepared and disorganized with their thoughts at the time they entered the negotiations. Because of this, I actively sought out a resource that would enable students to organize their thoughts and strategize on a given negotiation both prior to initiating contact with their 'opponent' as well as during the negotiation itself.  The difference in the results between the semester before discovering EN and the semester in which the students utilized this program was astounding. Not only did the students learn more about the process and outcomes of many different forms of negotiations, they were able to synthesize their results more effectively. To say that ExpertNegotiator contributed to the huge success of the class is an understatement and I look forward to continuing to use this extremely valuable resource in future negotiations courses.”

Professor Robert Allen from the University of Wyoming said: 

  • ExpertNegotiator did exactly what I hoped it would do.  When grading the first simulation exercise, it was apparent that the students put a lot of thought into their preparation.  The bargaining results showed that the preparation paid off.  The online negotiations involved more exchanges between the bargaining pairs and contained a greater amount of information exchanged when compared to prior uses of the wage negotiations exercise.  Fewer bargaining pairs failed to reach agreement.  More bargaining paris reached reasonable settlements rather that the one-sided agreements that have been observed in the past.  I also received very favorable feedback from several students about how user friendly the software was to use.

Professor Maureen Weston from Pepperdine University School of Law said: 

  • ExpertNegotiator reinforces the importance of strategically planning for key negotiations and provides a simple and effective framework within which to do so.

Professor Art Hinshaw from the Arizona State University College of Law said: 

  • As a late adapter of new technologies, I was hesitant to use ExpertNegotiator in my Negotiation class. After this past semester however, I am a convert. Having students use the planning program reinforced one of the course’s themes – the value of preparation. More importantly, they felt that using the program was worth their time because they could see the benefits of preparation. Additionally, I found the program easy to use and the technical support system to be highly responsive. I will certainly be using the program in my class from here on out.

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