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YOUR TEAM HAS IDENTIFIED THE PROSPECT, explored their needs, and drafted the proposal to respond to their RFP.

Now the hard work of negotiating and closing the deal begins. So how can you bring it home and not give away the store, especially in these tough economic times? Whether you’re selling wireless services or aircraft, this process can be challenging.

And managing front-line salespeople so they do it right can be even more challenging!

For instance, have you:

  • Explored your prospect’s needs with an information bargaining strategy?
  • Researched your prospect’s negotiation style and strategy?
  • Maximized your leverage by evaluating their Plan Bs?
  • Supported your moves with “fair” standards so they feel better about your deal?
  • Designed an offer-concession strategy so they will close quickly?
  • Controlled the agenda with tactics that build momentum?

ExpertNegotiator provides you with a roadmap to do this based on the experts’ proven research, so you make the right strategic moves and close more deals. And it helps you do this efficiently – as the hectic pace of sales makes it hard to think and act strategically.

Take a look at our features and benefits below.  To schedule a live demo to learn how we can help you bring home the best possible deals, call us at 1-888-363-4684.

ExpertNegotiator’s powerful features also include our:

Strategic Planning Tool View Demo

  • This tool will help you plan strategically for your negotiation in as little as 10 minutes, reducing your likelihood of wasting time pursuing fruitless issues and deals destined to fail.

The Five Golden Rules Method View Demo

  • Negotiating with the Five Golden Rules Method will help you execute your negotiations according to your plan, which will maximize your effectiveness and increase your probability of achieving your goals.

Counterpart Intelligence Bank View Demo

  • Strategically capture, organize and retain critical information on your counterparts' reputations and styles.

ExpertAdvice Center View Demo

  • Access to real-time expert advice 24 hours a day will help you make the best strategic decisions, avoid common mistakes, increase your confidence by using proven strategies and constantly improve your skills.

Negotiation Best Practices System View Demo

  • Create company and deal-specific Negotiation Best Practices templates for different types of negotiations, satisfying your specific negotiation needs.

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