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EXPERTNEGOTIATOR OFFERS MULTIPLE VERSIONS of our online negotiation software to suit your needs. Whether you’re a single user or a large organization, you can employ proven research-based negotiation strategies and tactics to help you improve your results every time.

All versions of the software are hosted by us and provided to you via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreement. This means you do not have to buy any hardware or have technical support. You subscribe to the software license on a per user, per month basis and login via a web browser. No hassle and no start up costs. Call us and get started today!

Individual Edition – For Single User Negotiations

Our Individual Edition is available for both personal and professional users. It includes expert-built negotiation templates and practical advice to help you quickly and easily plan and manage a broad range of negotiations including:

  • Product negotiations - buying or selling a house or car?
  • Salary or job negotiations - responding to a lowball salary offer?
  • Business deals - buying and selling assets and businesses?
  • Sales negotiations - supplying products or services?
  • Law-related negotiations - dealing with mediation, creditors, divorce?
  • And more

Enterprise Edition – For Organizations With Multi-Users Negotiations

Our Enterprise Edition helps teams of professionals collaboratively plan and manage negotiations. Many complex negotiations today require the involvement of lawyers, financial analysts, engineers and other professionals to be successful. The system allows negotiators to build their team and coordinate their activities so they can:

  • Effectively and efficiently manage the negotiation by providing quick access to important information and shared reports, and
  • Measure and evaluate what works using lessons learned and archived negotiations so you can constantly improve your negotiation effectiveness.


Cultural ExpertNegotiator

Cultural Edition – For Organizations Negotiating Across Cultures

Developed in partnership with intercultural negotiation experts Professors Karen S. Walch and Denis Leclerc of the internationally renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Cultural ExpertNegotiator is a tested solution for those looking to negotiate strategically across cultures.

Whether a front-line negotiator or manager implementing negotiation best practices across the cultural differences in business units, an organization or the globe, the Cultural ExpertNegotiator will save time and increase best results.

The Cultural ExpertNegotiator provides an easy-to-use web-based planning and information management program designed from the collective experiences and research by the world's most successful negotiators.



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