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International Negotiation Expert Marty Latz is the author of Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want and his latest book The Real Trump Deal: An Eye-Opening Look at How He Really Negotiates. 

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Marty Latz has been interviewed or written articles for Politico, Vanity Fair, USA Today and others. He also has written a monthly negotiation column for various newspapers since 1999. Find those free resources here.

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Learn Latz’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation

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What Is Leverage? 14 Rules for Using it Well

What Is Leverage? 14 Rules for Using it WellWhat is Leverage? What most consider to be negotiation power — leverage — actually relates to two factors: how much each party needs that deal relative to the other, and the relative value of each party’s best alternative to...

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Know the Value of Your Product to Your Customer

Thomas Edison added up the time and killing pace he had put into inventing the “Universal” stock ticker, a device later used by brokerage houses, and decided he was entitled to $5,000 for it. Ultimately, he figured he’d accept $3,000. So when General Lefferts, the...

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