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4 Ways to Negotiate More Efficiently

“How can we more efficiently negotiate our deal terms and conditions? It can take months for our lawyers to go back and forth on the documents, and the business teams get frustrated. We’ve even lost some deals as a result. Can’t we do this more efficiently?” A large...

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6 Winning Negotiation Lessons from Game of Thrones

6 Winning Negotiation Lessons from Game of Thrones By Marty Latz“This will be a difficult negotiation. We’re sitting down with people who want to see us both headless… You need to take your enemies’ side if you’re going to see things the way they do. And you need to...

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Clothes Envy Makes a Difference in Deal Making

Are you dressing for success? A recent study reveals how clothing can be a big deal in deal making, but probably not in the way you suspect. My 13-year-old son recently joined me at a conference that included leading figures from a wide variety of fields – the common...

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Golden Rule Five: Control the Agenda

Agenda control constitutes a critical element in all negotiations. If, when and how we address issues affects our results. So does setting the appropriate atmosphere in which to most effectively explore the substantive issues. Learn how to set up your agenda to get the results you seek.

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Latz’s Lessons: Best of 2018

Latz’s Lessons: Best of 2018   Last year I shared the inaugural Latz’s Lessons - a compilation of the crucial lessons from my 2017 monthly columns. Here’s the 2018 edition, with a few extras from previous years included too. And in case you missed my inaugural...

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Golden Rule Four: Design an Offer-Concession Strategy

The most common question raised in my negotiation seminars is “When, if ever, should I make the first offer?” The second most common question is “How far should I move for my next concession?” This Golden Rule takes the guesswork out of...

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Golden Rule Three: Employ “Fair” Objective Criteria

“I just want what’s fair and reasonable,” a friend said in the midst of his divorce. “That’s not too much to ask, is it?” “Of course not,” I replied. “The key here, though, is how to determine what’s fair and reasonable. I suspect you have...

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What Is Leverage? 14 Rules for Using it Well

What Is Leverage? 14 Rules for Using it WellWhat is Leverage? What most consider to be negotiation power — leverage — actually relates to two factors: how much each party needs that deal relative to the other, and the relative value of each party’s best alternative to...

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Price Not Always The Best Way to Lead Off Negotiations

“Why waste time dealing with those other issues if we can’t even agree on price? Let’s just start with price and, if we can reach agreement on it, then we can address the rest.” This not-uncommon approach appears to make intuitive sense. After all, no one disputes the...

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Know the Value of Your Product to Your Customer

Thomas Edison added up the time and killing pace he had put into inventing the “Universal” stock ticker, a device later used by brokerage houses, and decided he was entitled to $5,000 for it. Ultimately, he figured he’d accept $3,000. So when General Lefferts, the...

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Don’t Cut to the Chase

Don’t Cut to the Chase — Prepare for Your Negotiations A small business owner with a huge potential opportunity in a negotiation with a large company contacted me recently and asked how to respond to the company's request that he make them an...

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The Five Golden Rules of Negotiation for Lawyers

Let’s say you’re sitting at your desk Monday morning, your telephone rings, and it’s Jane, opposing counsel in one of your cases, calling to see if you might be interested in discussing the offer she e-mailed you last week. Because you’re mostly up-to-speed on it, you...

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