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What Is Leverage? 14 Rules for Using it Well

What Is Leverage? 14 Rules for Using it WellWhat is Leverage? What most consider to be negotiation power — leverage — actually relates to two factors: how much each party needs that deal relative to the other, and the relative value of each party’s best alternative to...

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Price Not Always The Best Way to Lead Off Negotiations

“Why waste time dealing with those other issues if we can’t even agree on price? Let’s just start with price and, if we can reach agreement on it, then we can address the rest.” This not-uncommon approach appears to make intuitive sense. After all, no one disputes the...

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Know the Value of Your Product to Your Customer

Thomas Edison added up the time and killing pace he had put into inventing the “Universal” stock ticker, a device later used by brokerage houses, and decided he was entitled to $5,000 for it. Ultimately, he figured he’d accept $3,000. So when General Lefferts, the...

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Don’t Cut to the Chase

Don’t Cut to the Chase — Prepare for Your Negotiations A small business owner with a huge potential opportunity in a negotiation with a large company contacted me recently and asked how to respond to the company's request that he make them an...

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The Five Golden Rules of Negotiation for Lawyers

Let’s say you’re sitting at your desk Monday morning, your telephone rings, and it’s Jane, opposing counsel in one of your cases, calling to see if you might be interested in discussing the offer she e-mailed you last week. Because you’re mostly up-to-speed on it, you...

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Tips for Negotiating with Conflict Avoiders

In our last two posts, we discussed tips for negotiating with accommodative counterparts and tips for negotiating with competitive counterparts. To bring this series to a conclusion, here are three negotiation strategies to consider when your counterpart is a conflict...

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Confidence and Success Come From Knowledge and Practice

“I hate to negotiate,” some of my seminar participants tell me. “It makes me anxious, and I just don’t like horse-trading. What can I do?” “Treat it like a game,” I tell them. “Don’t take it personally. And study it so you will be able to recognize what’s being done...

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The Power of Preparation Always Makes a Difference

The Power of Preparation Always Makes a Difference What is the most universally ignored but most effective negotiation tool? Preparation. I conclude every one of my seminars with this statement: “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. It’s guaranteed to succeed. The...

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Past Relationships Matter

My wife lost her cell phone antenna two days ago as she hiked through the woods near our house. Without the antenna, her cell coverage is extremely poor. So she stopped at a Radio Shack in town yesterday to see if she could get a replacement antenna at a reasonable...

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Negotiating Nice Pays Off

Negotiating Nice Pays Off I was exhausted. I had been forced to take the redeye flight from Seattle to Houston in order to make a 10 a.m. meeting and arrived at the hotel at 6:30 a.m. with only a few hours intermittent sleep. I also had been forced to keep...

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Limited Authority Counterstrategies

Neil, the Service Consultant at the car dealer, said he would "love to provide me with a free loaner car" while they rebuilt my Chevy Tahoe's transmission, but that his "boss won't let him." Neil said he doesn't "have the authority." I said I understood but felt that,...

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Diligence and Patience Will Often Pay Off

Jim Collins in his heavily researched bestseller, Good to Great -- Why Some Companies Make the Leap ... and Others Don't, found that transforming a good to a great company involved "getting the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then...

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Mediation Can Break Impasses

"With Mediator, Boeing and Union to Renew Contract Talks," read the headline in The New York Times this week. In an effort to jump-start their negotiation to resolve a 45-day strike, Boeing and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers agreed...

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Best Practices System Critical to Corporate Success

"We've had some negotiation training and many of our employees are experienced negotiators. As a result, we need advanced negotiation strategies and tactics," some of my potential negotiation training clients tell me. I usually respond with three thoughts. First, I...

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