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Tips for Negotiating with Accommodative Counterparts

In our last post, we shared several tips for negotiating with competitive counterparts.  Here are three negotiation strategies to consider when your counterparts’ style is more accommodative, e.g., they value relationships highly, they enjoy being liked, they’re good listeners and they dislike open conflict.

1.  Don’t do all of the talking and ask back

Because of their likeable and empathetic nature, accommodators are master information gatherers. Before engaging with them, decide what information to share and what not to share and stick with your plan. And be sure to ask them lots of questions back. Require reciprocity when you share information.

2.  Recognize the importance of the relationship

Because accommodators are likely to view the negotiation through its impact on relationships, be sensitive to the interpersonal dynamic that develops as you negotiate. And consider that accommodators are likely to avoid choices they perceive as harmful to the relationship, which can be good or bad. For example, they might unnecessarily concede to preserve the relationship.

3.  Focus on objective criteria

Finally, accommodators love independent objective standards and procedures, which can take the focal point away from competing personal opinions. Finding a “fair and reasonable” solution will appeal to them because it allows them to reach agreement while nurturing the relationship.

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