Improve Your Negotiations With The 5 Golden Rules.   LEARN THEM

We’ve been blogging about negotiation for five years now. To commemorate our anniversary, here is an excerpt from our first post, which explains our purpose – to help you become a better negotiator:

Why is learning about negotiation important? Because negotiation is a key part of life – we negotiate constantly with everyone!

Yet few have learned the strategies and techniques of effective negotiation and even fewer have mastered them. To become a better negotiator, you must understand the guiding principles of successful negotiating. These principles include:

1. Negotiate strategically, not instinctively.

2. Confidence and success come from knowledge and practice.

3. The power of preparation always makes a difference.

4. Protect your reputation.

5. Learn by doing.

If you understand and implement the above, you will get better results.

We appreciate you, our readership, and thank you for your on-going support!

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