Improve Your Negotiations With The 5 Golden Rules.   LEARN THEM

ExpertNegotiator offers a variety of free resources to help you improve your negotiation skills:

1. You can sign up to receive Marty Latz’s monthly Arizona Republic negotiation column by completing and submitting the Get FREE Negotiation Tips form at or read them herealong with our negotiation blog.

2.  You can obtain a 30-day free trial of our negotiation planning and management software by calling us at 888-363-4684.

3.  You can seek advice from and discuss negotiation issues with the more than 750 negotiators and negotiation teachers in our LinkedIn Negotiation Forum.

4.  Finally, you can join ExpertNegotiator’s Facebook friends or follow Marty Latz on Twitter for daily help solving your negotiation challenges.

We hope you find these resources valuable and use them to help you negotiate more strategically based on the experts’ proven research!

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