Improve Your Negotiations With The 5 Golden Rules.   LEARN THEM

Welcome to my negotiation blog. My name is Marty Latz and I am the CEO and Founder of ExpertNegotiator. The purpose of this blog is twofold: first, to generally share my day-to-day thoughts and observations about negotiating, and second, to specifically help you to become a better negotiator. Why is learning about negotiation important? Because negotiation is a key part of life – we negotiate constantly with everyone!

Yet few have learned the strategies and techniques of effective negotiation and even fewer have mastered them. To become a better negotiator, you must understand the guiding principles of successful negotiating. These principles include:

1. Negotiate strategically, not instinctively.

2. Confidence and success come from knowledge and practice.

3. The power of preparation always makes a difference.

4. Protect your reputation.

5. Learn by doing.

If you understand and implement the above, you will get better results. Next week we will begin exploring these guiding principles in more detail.

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