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In my January Arizona Republic column, I pointed out the importance of considering your non-financial goals and interests.

The negotiation between Jeff Fisher, former head coach of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, and the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams regarding their vacant head coaching positions is another great example of this.

Miami Herald columnist, Armando Salguero, writes that the negotiation isn’t only about Fisher’s compensation but also about his coaching staff budget.  Fisher is reportedly lining up an experienced and expensive staff.

Fisher is also negotiating who will have the final say over personnel decisions.  Tennessee owner Bud Adams reportedly made personnel decisions which Fisher opposed.

Finally, Fisher is also seeking to avoid a franchise move, and the resulting inconveniences, which he experienced twice when the Titans moved first from Houston to Memphis and then from Memphis to Nashville.

These last two interests reinforce another point from my last column – learn from your past successes and mistakes.

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