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Here are some of our favorite blog posts (and a column) with good negotiation advice for the holiday season:

Family Negotiations and the Holiday Season – Negotiation tips for avoiding family conflicts during the holidays;

Black Friday and Social Proof – Why people shop on Black Friday and what we can learn from this phenomenon as negotiators;

Food as a Negotiation Tool – Lots of big meals on your holiday schedule?  Keep the Luncheon Techniquein mind;

Effective Listening Tips – Being present and effectively listening to your family and friends will help you make the most of your time together;

Holiday Cards and Reciprocity – The power of sending holiday cards (even to strangers);

Responding to Emotional Outbursts – If a conflict does arise at your family gathering, here are some tips to diffuse it;

Negotiation Resolutions for the New Year – Finally, it’s not too early to starting thinking about your resolutions for the New Year.

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