Improve Your Negotiations With The 5 Golden Rules.   LEARN THEM

Are you looking for a job or wondering what – if any – raise to expect this year? Here are a couple suggestions for negotiating your salary and other terms of employment, especially in this tough economic environment.

Assuming your employer or potential employer will reciprocate, Problem-Solving Strategies typically work best in negotiating compensation.

What does this mean?

One, be relatively open about sharing information, especially about your short and long-term interests. Two, be creative in looking for non-financial and/or non-traditional ways to get compensated. Three, consider mentioning your alternatives (or Plan Bs) to doing a deal with your boss or your potential employer, but don’t use them as a hammer. Four, emphasize independent standards like the market rate for your position or precedent (what raise you got last year) to support your request. Five, don’t be really aggressive in your offer-concession strategy and how much you request. And six, be fairly open about raising the items you want to include on the agenda (which should include non-financial as well as financial issues).

Stylistically, during the negotiation, stay cool, calm and respectful. Avoid anger, threats, warnings, games, direct confrontation and extreme offers unsupported by facts and standards.

Finally, keep in mind it is more difficult to say no to someone’s face than in writing or on the phone.

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